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A TRUSTED Name In Embedded / Motion Systems Consulting

A TRUSTED Name In Embedded / Motion Systems Consulting

A TRUSTED Name In Embedded / Motion Systems Consulting A TRUSTED Name In Embedded / Motion Systems Consulting

Motion and Mechatronics Projects

Disk drive motion control, actuators and motors

High performance mechatronics

Our work has been in highly optimized mechanical systems for very high volume production for the hard disk drive market. Rapid, accurate optimization for high speed and whisper quiet motion are primary goals.

We also have considerable experience with just about every type of computer peripheral, office equipment design, robotics, actuators and sensors.

Web and Reel Process Controllers and buffer systems

Optimal Motion has designed high speed web control and material buffer systems for printing machines, magnetic tape and paper tape drives, and cartridge tape systems.

Teaching innovation

Most management teams want to improve innovation but find it difficult to do so.  We offer courses designed to open up your staff to new approaches.  Our instructors explain how the mind innovates, how company structures can accommodate new ideas, and how to keep moving forward in an innovative market.

Evaluating new ideas

Our founder's 54 patents give a solid basis for novel concept integration into your existing or planned products. Simple, rapid evaluations establish concept feasibility while providing concrete visualization.


New companies have radically different needs and thought processes.  We have been intimately involved with 8 different startups.  We understand the special needs and razor focus needed to bring new ideas to a useful state. We can provide substantial additional staff, on an as needed basis, to help you with the broad multi-disciplined tasks that startups usually must navigate to be successful.

Custom Electronics / Integrated Circuit Architecture

Radical new concepts are our specialty.  We work to minimize analog content, making it possible to build all digital chips with pseudo-analog functions. We pioneered the all digital power supply regulator, several ADC designs, and many other unusual concepts.

SoC partitioning takes on a whole new character when such opportunities present themselves.